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Ep 030 How to be an Expert Witness with Priya Banerjee, MD

Jan 30, 2018

Today’s episode is full of eye-openers. Get ready to learn a lot from our guest, Priya Banerjee, MD. Listen in to hear her talk about her life as a forensic pathologist and how she started a side-gig being an expert witness, and no, it’s not as scary as you think!

We talk about:

  • Finding your calling
  • Seeking growth professionally and personally
  • Keeping your integrity in the field of Pathology
  • Putting your attention and effort into a personal challenge
  • The things to consider when becoming an expert witness
  • Appearing in court as an expert witness
  • Using SEAK to train to be an Expert Witness or Advertise your Services

Priya Banerjee, MD is a board certified in Anatomic and Forensic Pathology. Her background includes training at top programs and has been in practice for 6 years, during which I have performed over 1500 autopsies including over 118 homicide cases.

To get to know her more, check out her website: Anchor Forensic Pathology

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