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Mar 27, 2020

Today, I’m back with another COVID-19 related emergency episode. This episode was recorded on Friday, March 27. The news changes quickly these days, so please consider the date and changes in the situation as you listen to this episode. 

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I’m here with Ann Bittinger, a healthcare attorney with The Bittinger Law Firm, who represents physicians in their employment and practice matters, to talk about COVID-19 and the law.  There are a million things we could talk about as the pandemic takes hold, and impacts us physicians in so many ways, but today we are going to focus on six pertinent questions.

The questions we will review are:

  1. Do hospitals have to provide physicians with PPE and what happens if they don’t?
  2. Do physicians have to have to go to work and see patients?
  3. How are physicians going to paid if they are on wRVU models and can’t do elective procedures?
  4. Can my employer reassign me to the Critical Care Unit or ER or another department?
  5. What can physicians and practice owners do as the financial impact of the pandemic leaves them unable to make payroll?
  6. What can I do via telemedicine?  

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Thanks again for listening to the show. It’s amazing what I am reading about the physicians on the front line. PLEASE wear your PPE and take care of yourselves first. We need to keep you healthy and available to help fight the pandemic together. So, stay strong, stay brave, and keep fighting the fight.

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