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Nov 21, 2017

In today's episode, we welcome back the multitalented Emergency Medicine Physician and Founder of FemInEm Founder Dara Kass, MD. I first talked with Dara in the third episode of the Hippocratic Hustle Podcast. In that episode, Dara explained how she was developing a conference specifically for EM women physicians. Well, it was an AMAZING conference and I was so fortunate to be able to attend. I was able to interview Dara to reflect back on the conference and its significance, and also hear the voices of various conference participants and what the experience meant for them. 

Today's episode will include:

  • 7 minute sponsored interview with Jon Appino from Contract Diagnostics
  • 25 minutes reflection with Dara Kass, MD about the FemInEm #FIX17 Conference
  • Dara and Carrie describe a moment of the conference where the speaker, Arian Nachat, MD, gave her TED-style talk with her toddler on her hip. 
  • 12 minutes of interviews from conference participants about how important it is to have conferences that bring women physicians together.

Thank you to the ladies who shared with me their thoughts about the conference.

Special thanks to this week’s sponsor Contract Diagnostics!

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