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Oct 25, 2017

Yemi Odugbesan, MD:

Fostering Entrepreneurship in Our Children

Today’s episode is a little different from my past episodes…that’s because today’s entrepreneur isn’t going to be on the show because he’s… at school! Instead, in his place, is my guest Dr. Yemi Odugbesan, the mother of this aspiring entrepreneur.

NanaPam’s Jams was founded by 11 year old Dara Odugbesan in April 2017. Nana Pam's Jams is the product of his young entrepreneurial spirit and Nana's patient teachings of her secret fruit preserving techniques. Dara's mastery of preserving enables Nana Pam's Jams to constantly offer new flavors, working with the widest possible array of fruits to offer simple, yet unusual flavors.

Yemi joins me today to discuss fostering entrepreneurship in our children, along with tips for starting an online business in the Cottage Food Industry.