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Feb 15, 2018

Cheri Wiggins, MD

Living the Locums Life

Have you ever been in a position where you just couldn’t balance work and personal life? Today’s guest has had the same experience as most of us in our field of work. Cheri Wiggins, MD is back to share about her career as Locum Tenens. Before you close the door on considering locums as a career, listen in to our episode!

Today, you will learn:

  • What locums is and the responsibilities of being a locum tenens physician
  • Aspects in life to gain and lose when one becomes a locum
  • Shifting careers to fulfill one’s self-development
  • How to compartmentalize one’s medical career and family - we know, it’s hard!
  • Unconstraining oneself from work by living a locum’s life
  • How Locums doesn’t always have to be a drag
  • How you can do Locums right out of residency
  • How to be independent with what we do and to be in control


Dr. Cheri Wiggins MD has been a Locum Tenens physician for a year. She has been an onsite physician for a nursing facility. She specializes in disability rehabilitation and has particular interest in working with children who have developmental disabilities or physical impairments.

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