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Apr 27, 2018

Side gigs add so much more to our lives. It adds another twist to our routines, helps keep us happy, taps our creative side, and taps into a different part of our heart and mind which adds longevity to our daily grind.

Sara Cheng is an anesthesiologist, skincare consultant, TKD Blackbelt, and photographer specializing in family and children's portraiture and lifestyle photography. We have so many things in common – working at the same hospital and having the same nanny among others. In this episode, we discuss how her side gig as a photographer helps her in her practice as an anesthesiologist. We talk about how her professional photography business started from mommy guilt and grew into a full-fledged business. She shares how she makes time for photography despite her very busy schedule and the different aspects of the business.

Sara’s philosophy – “Life is crazy, difficult, unpredictable, beautiful.”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Sara’s photography business started with “mom guilt” and she started using photography as a tool to focus on her children
  • She then moved on to purchase her first DSLR on her fellowship year
  • The intricacies of having great pictures – the preparation, editing, and the business side of having your amazing pictures taken
  • How Sara built up her portfolio and how she took smart and deliberate steps to get her business off the ground
  • Photography as a tool to keep her happy, be more creative, and helps add longevity to her day job.
  • Her move from being an outdoor family photographer to taking more serious studio shots. Even using their family’s garage as her starter studio.
  • How the #playfiercely series was born with a need she saw lacking as she wanted to take themed photos of her son’s soccer team
  • A photographer’s workflow and the importance of outsourcing tasks so she can focus on the things she loves to do most in her business
  • How Sara is using social media to attract clients that she actually wants to work with rather than just getting more clients
  • Sara’s future plans of doing physician character portraiture along with a book about physicians in Denver with Alicia Warlick, an Anesthesiologist and Fitness Coach
  • Trust is the key factor in having great photos and a great practice
  • Although side gigs may not replace the income of our day jobs, it adds so much more to our lives and adds another twist that can make us whole

View Sara’s portfolio at, follow her on Facebook and Instagram, and see the beautiful photos from the #playfiercely series.


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