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Aug 23, 2018

Bonnie and Carrie are both on their journey to FI (Financial Independence) and want to share their path and why they feel it is one of the most important things for women physicians to start as soon as possible. They talk about how Bonnie fired her financial advisor and why Carrie ended up hiring her ironically. Both friends discuss how a financial advisor helped them organize their financial lives, make estate plans and guide them on their FI journey.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Carrie finally got to meet Baby Jack in Philadelphia with Bonnie. Yay!
  • What Financial Independence really is and how it is different from being debt free.
  • Why both Carrie and Bonnie feel that FI should be a main focus for all women physicians.
  • Why Bonnie hired her financial advisor in the first place.
  • How using a financial advisor helped Bonnie organize her finances and make her estate plan.
  • Why Bonnie “fired” her financial advisor and why she doesn’t feel like she needs one now.
  • How Carrie ended up hiring the same financial advisor after Bonnie “fired” her.
  • Tip #1 from both friends is to get organized or you won’t be able to get started.
  • Bonnie talks about the reasons she didn’t like having a financial advisor.
  • Carrie talks about why she feels a trusted financial advisor is great for her and her husband.
  • How to find a great financial advisor that you can trust.



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