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Sep 28, 2018

Today is a very special episode with a celebrity guest that needs no introduction. Jim Dahle, MD, the White Coat Investor, is here to talk with us today about how he got started with his financial blog and how he has come to be the go-to resource for physicians seeking financial advice and guidance. Miss Bonnie MD is also here to speak with the us and share all of her financial wisdom too. Listen in as Carrie, Bonnie and Jim discuss all things financial and share so many great tips to set you on the right track to a prosperous financial future.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why Dr. Dahle decided to start his blog and how it was a business from day one.
  • How he grew his business from a simple blog to a prosperous business.
  • How his whole family is also involved in the business and how that makes it fun.
  • When the next edition of the White Coat Investor Conference will take place.
  • Why he thinks Financial Independence is important for physicians but balance is also important as well.
  • How he feels about retirement from medicine and what his plans are for his future.
  • Why Dr. Dahle thinks that more physicians should explore working part time.
  • Why he feels that physicians can be guilty of spending too much and not saving.
  • How he has made financial mistakes over the years and has learned from them.
  • What are the biggest financial mistakes physicians are making.
  • How he thinks getting family involved in finances is healthy and prosperous.
  • What are the White Coat Investor’s plans for the future and what can we expect to see from him.

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