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Oct 19, 2018

In today’s special, Friends Talk Finance episode, Bonnie and Carrie chat about their recent trip to the Fincon Conference held in Orlando, Florida. Learn all about why they decided to go, who they met there, and what their biggest takeaways were. Don’t miss out as they recommend so many great physician and non-physician financial bloggers and podcasters that you can follow and learn from as well. This episode is packed with resources so check out the notes below for links to everything they discussed.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What is Fincon and who should attend?
  • Bonnie and Carrie hung out with a large group of incredible physicians at the conference and made lots of new friends.
  • How they found inspiration from other people at different stages of FI at the conference.
  • Bonnie’s biggest takeaway from the conference is starting to use Asana for project management of her business and personal life.
  • Carrie’s biggest takeaway would be the need for more guidance, education and advice on personal finance for everyone.
  • Who they were inspired by at the conference outside of the physician world.
  • Why they feel there is room for everyone in the physician personal finance space.

 Links we discussed in the show:

  • Check out Bonnie’s blog for informative financial advice at Miss Bonnie MD.
  • Learn all about Hygge and how you can use it to create comfort in your life.
  • Join our Facebook group, The Hippocratic Hustlers- open to all women not just physicians
  • Also, join a new Facebook group Carrie is running, The Physicians Only Locums Group.
  • Ask to join the Women Physicians Personal Finance Group by adding Doctora WPPF as a friend on Facebook and then you can be added to the group.
  • Learn all about the Fincon Conference and how you can attend in 2019 in Washington, D.C.
  • Learn more about a camp all about FI and personal finance at
  • Take Bonnie’s advice and start organizing your life using Asana.

 Some great resources to check out:

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