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Oct 29, 2018

In today’s episode, you will meet Dr. Saya Nagori and hear all about her revolutionary business, Simple Contacts. You will hear how she got her business started and how she has used ophthalmologic telemedicine to help over 500,000 patients with their contact lenses. Dr. Nagori’s business is also expanding to provide birth control to women in need who may not have access to it otherwise through Simple Health. Don’t miss out on hearing about her future plans as well!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Dr. Nagori got involved with and started to develop Simple Contacts.
  • How the process works to safely take an online eye exam and order contact lenses.
  • Why Dr. Nagori feels that using telemedicine technology can improve a patient’s contact lens practices.
  • Where she met her business partners and how they all teamed up to get started.
  • How she launched the app formally to the public and started marketing it as well.
  • Why some states are not on board with ophthalmologic telemedicine and do not want to approve the use of it in their state.
  • How Dr. Nagori and her business have recently raised over 16 million dollars towards her business’ growth.
  • Nagori and her team are now expanding the business to provide birth control through telemedicine as well through their new site:
  • How she manages to be a physician, wife and entrepreneur all at the same time.

Dr. Saya Nagori completed her undergraduate training at Villanova University where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree and was a Presidential Scholar. She then attended Drexel University College of Medicine where she was a recipient of the Arnold P. Gold Foundation Fellowship for her work in patient education in regards to diabetic eye disease. Dr. Nagori completed her ophthalmology residency program at St. Luke's and Roosevelt Hospital System in New York City where she was Chief Resident. She then completed a Glaucoma Fellowship at the Kresge Eye Insitute in Michigan. Dr. Nagori most recently was a glaucoma specialist and anterior segment surgeon, performing both cataract surgery as well as surgery for glaucoma at NYU School of Medicine. In the summer of 2015, Dr. Nagori joined Joel Wishkovsky and Ryan Quigley to found Simple Contacts. She is currently setting up her own practice in the Washington, D.C. area and will be open for business in the next few weeks.

Links we discussed in the show:

Quotes from Saya Nagori, MD:

  • “For a lot of patients this is a very useful service because their prescription isn’t changing.”
  • “There are ways we can use technology to improve patient adherence to good contact lens practices.”
  • “It is incredible as to how sophisticated it has become over 2.5 years.”
  • “Just getting patients what they need without them having to jump through hoops to get it.”

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