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Nov 5, 2018

In today’s Friends Talk Finance episode, we discuss timely financial topics including: the state of the financial market, why you need an Investor Policy Statement and how you can recoup some of your losses using Tax Loss Harvesting. Carrie and Bonnie share some great links to financial resources that can help you as well.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Some life updates from Bonnie and Carrie including: Bonnie’s son Jack becoming a ring bearer and Carrie’s Orlando family vacation.
  • Exciting news about Bonnie and Carrie both being featured on some other financial podcasts recently.
  • The current state of the market and why you shouldn’t panic.
  • Why you need an Investor Policy Statement (IPS) and how it can help you to invest.
  • What Tax Loss Harvesting is and how it can help you to recoup losses.

Links we discussed in the show:

Special thank you to this week’s show sponsors: PearsonRavitz for all of your physician disability and life insurance needs and Johanna Fox Turner at Fox & Company Wealth Management.

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