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Apr 19, 2019

In today’s episode,  we chat with Nana Korsah, M.D. of She tells us all about how she went from a private practice physician working 100 hour weeks to being a locums hospitalist and life coach who is so much happier with her daily life. Don’t miss out as she gives us all of her best and tricks on finance, side gigs and self-care too.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How she went from being a full time nephrologist to a locums hospitalist.
  • How and why she used Dr. Philippa Kennealy as a life coach.
  • Why she decided to become a life coach as well to help balance her life.
  • What a life coach can do to help you and your life.
  • What Dr. Korsah’s best financial tips are for physicians.
  • Why she likes to use SMART goals when writing down your financial goals.
  • Why she feels that paying off student loans and debt is the key to freedom.
  • Why she feels all physicians should have a side gig at their disposal.
  • How to practice self-care as physicians to improve our lives.

Dr. Nana Korsah is a former nephrologist turned locums hospitalist. She has a side gig as a certified life and financial coach for physicians who want to pay off debt and live wealthy lives. She helps physicians who want to enjoy the lives they sacrificed so much to create, but they don’t know where to start. She helps them build wealth and say, “Yes,” to the lives they want.

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