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May 17, 2019

In today’s very special episode, we finally get to hear from Mr. Hippocratic Hustle himself, Carrie’s husband, Matt. They discuss all the changes their family has went through since Carrie started working as a Locum Tenens Physician. Listen as they share their best tips for co-parenting from a distance and outsourcing tasks to make your life easier.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Carrie’s work as a Locums doctor has affected her family.
  • What it has been like for Matt to be a single parent to their daughter part time.
  • How they have outsourced certain things in their lives due to the new situation.
  • Why they feel it is so important to have family close by for help.
  • How they utilize a home chef to meal prep healthy meals for them in their home.
  • How they have started to co-parent via phone at times.
  • How Matt’s new job has helped them to embrace Carrie’s locum’s life.
  • Why both Carrie and Matt feel that even though there are challenges, changing your lifestyle to be happier is the best choice overall.

Matt Reynolds, D.O is a general surgeon practicing in Denver, Colorado who also happens to be Carrie’s husband. He works for a large medical group in town.

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