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Jun 8, 2019

In today’s very special Back to Basics Episode, we chat with Phil Boucher, MD about his experience working in pediatric private practice. He is a father of 5, pediatrician, blogger and podcaster too. He shares his best tips for getting into the world of private practice and what he sees as the top benefits of staying there.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why he decided to start his Facebook group and podcast.
  • Why he decided to go into pediatric private practice.
  • How he recommends getting into private practice in today’s world.
  • What are some financial benefits of private practice.
  • Why he recommends working at another private practice before starting your own.
  • What tips he has for growing a private practice.
  • How he recommends going about the process of referrals for specialists.
  • Why he loves private practice and the freedom it allows his family life.
  • What his top tips are for building a very successful private practice.

Phil Boucher, MD is a pediatrician, father of 5, and owner of a pediatric group in Lincoln, NE. He helps parents in his office, has an online brand where he attracts new patients to his practice and online sleep course. His real passion is helping other private practice physicians to create their thriving practice and fulfilling lives. He has a Facebook group called, The Private Practice Accelerator, where he connects with other private practice physicians to teach strategies to get a handle on time management, personal productivity, focus and all the other business and personal development topics they forgot to teach us in medical school. He also launched a podcast, Private Practice Matters, where he shares his strategies, private practice mindset, and interviews experts than can help docs do what only they can do.

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