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Oct 5, 2017

Friends Talk Finance: Life Insurance Tips

There’s a lot of confusion as to what life insurance product to buy, how much to buy, and for how long. In today's episode of Friends Talk Finance Bonnie and I discuss Life Insurance. How much coverage do you need? How long do you need to be covered? Read more about this topic on Bonnie's Blog in her post: "Insure against Death"

We will discuss:

  • How much insurance you need and for how long
  • Typical terms
  • How to ladder policies
  • Factors that determine your rate
  • What policies Bonnie and Carrie have
    • What Carrie is doing to fix her insurance situation

Links mentioned in this episode:

Helpful trusted contacts who can help you get insured:

Special thanks to this week's sponsor Curbside Real Estate

Curbside Real Estate is a concierge brokerage that specializes in connecting physicians, many of whom have recently completed their residency programs or fellowships, with the best home loan program for them and a carefully-vetted real estate agent, effectively eliminating the guesswork and frustration commonly associated with buying a home. The mission of Curbside Real Estate is twofold. Its primary mission is to allow physicians to focus more on their profession and families, and less on the stresses of buying a home, by streamlining the process. Its secondary mission is to give back by creating homes for underprivileged children.

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