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Nov 9, 2017

Our next guest addresses the most common concern that parents of small children have: How can I get my child to sleep? Or, as the great author Adam Mansbach more eloquently penned, "Go the F**K to Sleep". Dr. Nilong Vyas' business, Sleepless in NOLA helps parents with this difficult issue. 

Our episode discusses:

  • How and why she started this business
  • How she decided to leave private practice
  • How she learned the business side of medicine
  • How she knew she'd have a market for this service
  • Specific tips for physicians moms 
  • Shedding the mommy guilt!
  • How our children manipulate us
  • Children need guidance and structure
  • How Nilong uses word-of-mouth to market her business
  • Challenges that Nilong has encountered with this type of business

Dr. Nilong Vyas is a board certified pediatrician and mother of two boys. She was raised in New Orleans and went on to earn a Master’s in Public Health degree from Tulane University as well as an MD from Louisiana State University Medical School. After completing her Pediatrics residency at LSU, she joined private practice where, on a daily basis, she experienced her patient’s desire for more sleep for themselves as well as more sleep for their children. The parents explained that with better-rested children, their kids were happier, ate better, and developed at a more rapid rate. However, when that was not the case, secondary to many different factors, they noticed quite a change in the demeanor of their children, thus themselves. Dr. Vyas learned quickly about both children and their parent’s sleep needs thus established a strong value for sleep with her patients, in a nurturing fashion. 

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