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Jun 6, 2017

Katrina Ubell, MD

Weight Loss for Busy Physicians

Katrina Ubell, MD is a pediatrician turned certified life and weight loss coach. She helps busy women physicians permanently end their weight struggle through coaching and the latest weight loss research. She also hosts the podcast Weight Loss for Busy Physicians. She lost 50 lbs herself utilizing the tools she teaches and now weighs less than she did in 9th grade! To learn more, check out

In this podcast Katrina and I will discuss: 

  • How Katrina came up with the idea of being a Health and Wellness Coach
  • There is isolation and shame for women physicians with weight issues: more than the average woman
  • How we self inflict the idea that we shouldn’t have a problem with weight because we understand the science behind weight loss
  • Willpower is a muscle- it ends up fatiguing
  • Business Coaching helped Katrina make a plan with her own business
  • What are the different Types of Coaching?
  • How does one become a Coach?
  • What lifestyle improvements came with this new Life Coach Career?
  • What Does Katrina enjoy doing in her free time?
  • Women Physician Niche—How to find Friends
  • Katrina’s Podcast: “Its like you’re in my head”

Resources Mentioned in this episode: