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Nov 23, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope you all had a LOVELY time with your families and ate LOTS of turkey and all the fixin’s!

Today we welcome back Stephanie Pearson, MD. Stephanie was a guest on the Hippocratic Hustle once before, way back to episode 8! Last time we talked about Disability Insurance, this time we are talking about Life Insurance.

In this episode we will attack these questions:

  • Why is Stephanie Pearson so enthusiastic about life and disability insurance?
  • How much life insurance do I need to buy?
  • When should I buy life insurance?
  • What common situations might raise my premium costs?
  • Why shouldn’t we wait to buy life insurance?
  • What’s underwriting?
  • How do Life Insurance companies set their prices?
  • What is permanent vs term life insurance?
  • What’s up with long-term care insurance?

Special thank you to this week’s show sponsor: PearsonRavitz for all of your physician disability and life insurance needs.

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