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Oct 16, 2017

Muni Tahzib, MD: Hurricane Relief in Puerto Rico

Muni Tahzib, MD is a Pediatric Allergist from New Jersey. She joins me today, less than 24h after returning home from Hurricane Stricken Puerto Rico. In less than a week She assembled a group of Almost 30 medical professionals and over $30,000 in medical supplies to reach rural areas of Puerto Rico that were the most affected by this tragedy. Her Organization, Love 4 Puerto Rico was able to deliver medical care and donated supplies over the past week. She shares her story of how this trip was arranged and how lives were touched on this amazing medical mission.

The Love 4 Puerto Rico team is planning a second trip! 


As the Love 4 Puerto Rico team begins planning a follow up trip, we appreciate your continued financial support of this initiative. They have recently partnered with Health for Humanity and your donation through them will now be 100% tax deductible and used exclusively for this project. Follow the FaceBook group for information about the next trip. You can donate directly online here:…