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Jul 31, 2017

Nisha Mehta, MD

Physician Wellness

Nisha Mehta, MD joins me on this week’s podcast to discuss physician wellness and physician burnout.

Nisha is a radiologist with subspecialty training in Musculoskeletal and Breast Imaging. She is a writer with interests in health policy, physician wellness, and medical education. She has published with, the Radiology Business Journal, the Huffington PostThieme Medical Publishers, and Doximity, amongst others. You can find more of her writing on her Facebook page at or follow her on Twitter @nishamehtamd.

We also chat about how:

  • pregnancy affected our training
  • pumping while doctoring
  • delaying childbearing due to medicine
  • Physician Burnout
  • Physician Wellness
  • Find a girlfriend in real life to chat about this stuff in YOUR real life!

Here’s a selection of Nisha’s writing:
Babies and Medicine: On Choosing the Perfect Time
Why We Should Care About Physician Debt?
You Know You’re a Female Physician When…

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