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Oct 12, 2018

Today Lawyer Ann Bittinger, JD is chatting with me about tons of stuff that affects almost ALL physicians. Ann Bittinger is an attorney who helps make sure physicians' employment agreements don't stand in the way of getting what they want out of life. A specialist in healthcare law, for 20 years she has worked both sides of the physician employment agreement: employer and employee. She is a mom of three, law firm owner, and physician advocate. Hiding out in Jacksonville, Florida, she is a frequent speaker at health law conferences.

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We chat about:

  • How binding are Letters of Intent?
  • Are Physician contracts REALLY non-negotiable?
  • Besides salary, what other benefits can we ask for?
  • Tips for salary negotiation
  • Non-Compete clauses in Physician Contracts
  • What makes a non-compete "enforceable" vs "non-enforceable"
  • How to get the non-compete clause OUT of your contract
  • Learn about Dr. Tummala who fought his Non-Compete in Florida
  • What is Tail Malpractice Insurance and when do you need it?
  • Strategies you can use to save money on Tail Insurance
  • RVUs vs Eat What you Kill payment models