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Jul 24, 2017

Sonal Patel, MD

Newborn Pediatrician Visits in the Home

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Sonal Patel, MD formed her own special company providing home pediatrician visits to newborn babies. Her practice is called NayaCare.  Through these newborn home health visits, she places an emphasis on the maternal-infant dyad - acknowledging the needs of both individuals entering life's new chapter.  Her Sessions focus on breastfeeding or formula feeding, safe sleep education, and screening for maternal depression.  Lets learn more about how she formed this amazing business.

What you will learn:

  • How Sonal's own newborn experience inspired her to start this unique practice
  • How Sonal set up her practice
  • How she developed a business plan
  • How she came up with her fee schedule
  • If Finland and Sweden can do it, we can too!
  • How Sonal marketed her practice
  • How she has found ways to bill insurance or use patients HSA
  • What overhead that Sonal incurs

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