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Nov 30, 2017

Today's episode is super fun, Bonnie is back!! For our reunion episode, Bonnie shares with us her birth story. This episode is super laid back, and please ignore the sounds of Bonnie's breast pump in the background and Carrie laughing too much! Baby Jack makes a cameo as well.

Pearls from this episode:

  • Amazement at how much amniotic fluid we can hold
  • How awesome you feel after getting an epidural
  • "When you need blood and get it, it really works!"
  • Abdominal binders help you feel more secure
  • Take Colace and Miralax religiously post-partum
  • Baby Jack's adventures with tongue tie
  • Unexpected costs encountered with a new baby
  • How much fun is Lochia???
  • How Bonnie nearly bled to death!
  • "If I become unconscious, take me to Columbia Hospital!"
  • How Bonnie is now a proud Philadelphian
  • How impossible it is to move with a 1-month-old

Resources Mentioned in the Episode

Lucie's List
Breast Milk Organizer
Bucket Baby Bath
Force of Nature Clean 

For more about Bonnie's Birthstory, read her account on her Blog.