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Apr 27, 2018

Side gigs add so much more to our lives. It adds another twist to our routines, helps keep us happy, taps our creative side, and taps into a different part of our heart and mind which adds longevity to our daily grind.

Sara Cheng is an anesthesiologist, skincare consultant, TKD Blackbelt, and photographer specializing...

Apr 5, 2018

Starting an Overseas Health Non-Profit with Heather Hammerstedt, MD

How do you start an Emergency Medicine program in a region without emergency rooms? How do you start an overseas non-profit? Heather explains how she and a few friends helped a rural community in Uganda start the non-profit Global Emergency Care. That...

Mar 22, 2018

In this episode, we talk about our LIFE UPDATES and the WCI Conference!

  • Bonnie started a new job. She tells us about how her office uses scribes to stay maintain efficiency
  • Bonnie has no more CALL!
  • Carrie went to Hawaii for vacation, and met up with Physician on Fire
  • Check out #HippocraticHoliday on Instagram for...

Mar 14, 2018

Shannon Klingman, MD is a gynecologist and she realizes the importance of empowering women to discretely address odor concerns. In today's episode, we hear how Dr. Klingman was tired of the narrative of “vaginal odor” that has been told since the beginning of time. She also discusses with us how there is an industry...

Mar 1, 2018

Okeoma Moronu, JD of The Happy Lawyer Project

The Life of Lawyers vs Doctors

Have you ever wondered how different the professions of Lawyers and Doctors have, especially for women?

Today I chat with Okeoma Moronu, JD who is the host of the Happy Lawyer Project. Okeoma is a lawyer and the host of The Happy Lawyer Project...